I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You

Many of those who have heard of this practice were intrigued by its remarkable simplicity and power, the stories and facts presented by Hawaiian elders and historians having inspired people for many decades to learn the subtle healing secrets that it can offer.

The term describes an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation through which a Kahuna (Hawaiian priest) is able to assist a person who is mentally or physically ill to let go of past memories perceived as being negative and disruptive, and thus encouraging the healing process and achieving a state of harmony with themselves and those around them.

About the Practice

The main concept that the practice is based on is the simple understanding that everything in nature is interconnected through subtle energies and that we can never truly separate ourselves from the whole. This idea brings an entirely new meaning to the concept of responsibility, promoting the fact that everything we perceive in the “outer” world is merely a reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions.

By inspiring and encouraging the process of inner cleansing, the practice is able to assist people in taking responsibility for their reaction to past events through confession and in letting go of their subconscious attachments to negative memories that cause emotions of fear, guilt and anger through forgiveness and reconciliation.

The ultimate purpose of the practice is to promote mental, emotional and physical healing by addressing the core inner issues that may have caused a sickness or disorder and solving them to create a better reflection in the outer world.

Traditions and Rituals

The concepts presented have been found in one form or another to be the foundation of the beliefs of many Polynesian cultures. According to their traditions, past errors and transgressions are either directly or indirectly responsible for sicknesses and lack of harmony between family members or friends.

Whether it is a result of the “gods” becoming angry because of the transgression or a consequence created by feelings of guilt and self-inflicted anger, the belief that confession and forgiveness can lead to the resolution of the matter is prevalent among many of these cultures, and it is also the essence of the ancient Hawaiian practice.

In traditional Hawaiian practices, the mental cleansing is conducted by a Kahuna who guides a person or a family through the resolution process. The ritual begins with a prayer, followed by a discussion that has the purpose of bringing the error to light and resolve the matter through confession and forgiveness. As a result of this practice the newfound harmony between those involved can begin the healing process and cure any ailments or sicknesses that have arisen as a result of the error.

Today, both native and foreign practitioners still conduct the practice for patients who are searching for alternative methods of resolving family disputes or seeking family counseling, and their numbers have been growing rapidly as news of the success that the traditional rituals have had in the past is spreading overseas.

Many new workshops and programs have been created through which modern day Kahunas can take advantage of this ancient Hawaiian wisdom and help their clients achieve inner peace through the ancient practice. Also, ever since the late 20th century, some courts in Hawaii have even approved the use of the practice as a type of alternative dispute resolution method in the case of both adult and juvenile offenders.

The Expansion of Modern Practices

Modern versions of this healing process combine the wisdom of the Hawaiian Kahunas with concepts, rituals and tendencies taken from other cultures such as the Hindu and Buddhist ideas related to letting go of karma and the Christian concepts of repentance, confession and reconciliation.

According to experts who have studied and practiced the traditional Hawaiian concept and the various spiritual and philosophical ideals related to other cultures, there are many similarities between the different rituals and traditions that point back to the simplicity and validity of these Hawaiian teachings.

As a result, many new practices have appeared in the past 20-30 years that have proven the remarkable success of these ancient teachings both in Hawaii and in many other parts of the world, and all of them are founded on the knowledge of the ancient Hawaiians.

With the rapid growth of the internet, these programs have become available for anyone wishing to seek guidance and counseling, as well as those who want to preserve and maintain the integrity of these spiritual teachings and healing processes by learning how to assist others with their help.

Inner Peace and the State of “Zero”

Joe Vitale’s famous book on the subject called “Zero Limits” has inspired many to take the Hawaiian teachings to the next level by exploring the potential of the healing practice in relation to achieving a state of “zero”; this is described as a state of being in which we are able to let go of all old subconscious memories and preconceived ideas that would stand in the way of our full connection with the “Divine”, “God” or whichever concept of a higher power that we are familiar with.

According to various doctors and modern day Kahunas who actively apply the concepts presented in the book, achieving inner peace and the communion with the Divine can be possible through a process of self discovery, changing one’s view of the way in which the world works and taking responsibility for every event and experience encountered in life.

Through the mantras embedded in the ancient Hawaiian techniques, as well as updated versions of it, combined with methods for karmic release and self forgiveness, the empowering realizations and the shift in perception created by traditional and modern healing programs are able to change your life for the better after only a few simple sessions.
You will explore the full power of Hooponopono and learn how to let go of the inner baggage that has been holding you back from spiritual progress, healing, achieving a state of inner peace and harmony or any other goals you may have set for yourself.


I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You


Ancient mantra method of clearing limiting beliefs
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The Ancient Practice of Ho’oponopono – Lighting Your Path to Inner Peace and Freedom